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Ethicon Abbrevo – A TVT Family Member- Day Two of Pelvic Mesh Trial

Jan 28th, 2015 | By
Dr. Peggy Pence, Linda Gross trial Feb. 2013

The TVT-Abbrevo, one of Ethicon’s “Family of TVT” meshes to treat for stress urinary incontinence is the focus of the Perry v. Ethicon product liability trial.   Thanks to Courtroom View Network for access to the proceedings in Kern Co.  Coleen Perry of Bakersfield, California, and her husband Patrick, have sued Johnson & Johnson and its
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Ethicon on Hot Seat in California Courtroom Perry v Ethicon Begins

Jan 26th, 2015 | By
Abbrevo from Ethicon brochure

This is the second trial so far this year that puts healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson and its medical device subsidiary, Ethicon, on trial over its controversial polypropylene pelvic mesh. In this case, Coleen Perry, 50, was implanted with the J&J/Ethicon Abbrevo mesh sling to treat her incontinence on March 23, 2011. The Abbrevo is still on
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Defense Experts Refute Pelvis Mesh Infection Theory in J&J Death Case

Jan 21st, 2015 | By
Macrophages at work, Stonybrook Medicine

Early this week, defense attorneys for Johnson & Johnson and its medical device division, Ethicon, questioned two expert witnesses. Both would try and dispel the plaintiffs’ case that Joan Budke died of a septic condition that traveled from her pelvis to her lungs and resulted in her death in August 2009. The source of the
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J & J Asks for Directed Verdict to End Defective Mesh Trial

Jan 16th, 2015 | By
anonymous artist courtroom

The plaintiffs in the Budke v Ethicon trial in this Camden Co. Missouri courtroom planned to bring their eight day trial to a close today. But before they did, there was one more witness who appeared via videotape, Dr. Durwood Neal, a urologist from Columbia, Missouri. Dr. Neal would be brought in talk about how
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Plaintiffs Wraps Budke V. Ethicon with Family, Executives of J&J

Jan 15th, 2015 | By
ethicon logo

A string of corporate executives with Ethicon, a division of Johnson & Johnson, highlighted this next to last day for the plaintiffs’ case in Budke v. Ethicon.  These were the individuals who allowed the Prolift pelvic mesh to be marketed in March 2005 with very little warning to implanting doctors or to the women who
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Septic Emboli Killed Pelvic Mesh Victim Says Harvard Doctor

Jan 14th, 2015 | By
Dr. John Godleski, Harvard Pathologist

It is the leading theory of the plaintiffs in this pelvic mesh case of Budke v. Ethicon- septic emboli killed Joan Budke, age 77, after her Prolift Pelvic Mesh implant became infected. Today on the stand was Harvard pathologist, Dr. John Godleski, to confirm that diagnosis. Before trial, an attorney for the defense, Daniel Ball,
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Urogynecologist Credibility Under Attack in Missouri Pelvic Mesh Death Trial

Jan 13th, 2015 | By
Christy Jones, from Linda Gross trial Feb 2013

As it seemed from this court observer, Dr. Anne Weber was a credible and knowledgeable witness on the stand Monday. Camden Co. Missouri is the center of  the first death case of a mesh-implanted woman. Butke v Ethicon. Johnson & Johnson, the parent company, must show that it’s Prolift System pelvic mesh implant was not
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Rock Star Urogyn on Stand in Pelvic Mesh Trial

Jan 12th, 2015 | By
Anne weber from linda gross case

She was calm, personable  and very knowledgeable. Dr. Anne Weber appeared on the stand this morning in Day Four of the Butke v. Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson) defective product trial. The family claims the Prolift system pelvic mesh implant in Joan Budke led to her deaths sixteen months later from massive infections caused and encouraged
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The Launch of Prolift Pelvic Mesh – What the Company Knew

Jan 9th, 2015 | By
Dr. Axel Arnaud, from Linda Gross case

Budke Day Three – The old adage is you don’t want to know how laws and sausage are made. As this trial is showing, that might extend to medical devices too. In this third day of the defective product/ medical malpractice trial of Budke v. Ethicon, Dr. Becky Simpson, the plaintiffs continued to show the jury
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Grey Haze Over Lake of the Ozarks as Prolift Pelvic Mesh Death Case Begins

Jan 7th, 2015 | By
Camden Co courthouse

It is grey and 13 degrees F. today in this small town of Camdenton, Missouri as the first day of the Budke v Ethicon defective product case gets underway.  The plaintiff in this case will not be here.   Joan Budke, 77, died from her injuries sustained from the Prolift mesh made by J&J’s Ethicon
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