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*New* J&J Execs Have Some Explaining To Do About Pelvic Mesh Particles

According to court documents filed this week, Johnson & Johnson and its Ethicon division must have corporate designees ready to be deposed August 5 in Morristown, New Jersey. The subject – why its TVT (transvaginal tape), including the TVT-O mesh (transobturator tape) has had a problem with mesh particles and possible foreign matter found in
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Biofilm, UC Berkley The Role of Bacterial Biofilms in Pelvic Mesh Slings for Incontinence

According to ongoing research, bacterial biofilms are being studied for their role in inciting an autoimmune response in patients implanted with transvaginal mesh used to treat incontinence.  It’s long been noted that a mesh implant can cause pain, infection, organ perforation, nerve entrapment and vaginal scarring. Systemic symptoms have been noted as well and include muscle
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ethicon logo J&J Facing 26 Pelvic Mesh Trials in November

  In an attempt to move the enormous number of transvaginal pelvic mesh cases through his court, Judge Joseph Goodwin on Friday ordered 26 cases naming Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson) to be heard November 2. The lead case is Bryant, et al v. Ethicon, Inc. et al  (2:12-cv-09311).  The plaintiffs can be seen here in
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dr walker high res cropped Urogynecologist Dr. Walker Talks Mesh Removals and Worst Offenders

Dr. Christopher Walker is a Urogynecologist located in Orlando, Florida. His practice focuses on urogynecology and female pelvic reconstruction.  His office link is here.  This month he is also a supporter of Mesh News Desk.  Mesh News Desk editor, Jane Akre recently interviewed Dr. Walker who has patients from around the world visiting his
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Anti Mesh rally in WV federal court. Women in Solidarity Over Mesh Injuries Listen to Court Proceedings

By Tuesday afternoon, women who gathered for a status hearing on their pelvic mesh cases began filtering into Judge Joseph Goodwin’s Charleston, WV courtroom. Judge Goodwin is overseeing more than 76,000 product liability cases in the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of West Virginia. He had called for a status hearing from five
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MAM rally in Charleston WV Pelvic Mesh-Injured Women Rally in WV to Call for End to Mesh Implants

A rally by mesh-injured women gathered in Charleston, West Virginia today as lawyers from both sides of the issue converged for a status conference before the judge overseeing more than 76,000 defective product cases. Mesh Awareness Movement brought about 20 women, their husbands and friends from Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and beyond to join in solidarity
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aaafulll moon Hello July Moon and Mesh News Desk Readers

Welcome to Mesh News Desk aka Mesh Medical Device News Desk, your online source for news about the mesh industry, and legal implications of 100,000 product liability lawsuits, the latest in medical news as well as interviews with leaders in the field and the women affected by this fiasco. If you are new to this
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Scales of Justice, WikiCommons Lawsuit Financing: What You Need to Know Before You Borrow

SPONSORED CONTENT Mesh News Desk editor, Jane Akre interviewed Mark Bello of Lawsuit Financial Corp of Farmington Hills, Michigan. Mr. Bello provides MND readers with some solid information they need to understand before reaching out to seek funding to make ends meet in advance of a expected lawsuit settlement. Yes, funding in advance of a
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FDA News

red flag waving FDA – What Are We Waiting For?

FDA-What Are We Waiting For? It’s been months since the FDA said a word about mesh, and years since it’s known stronger action was needed. Meanwhile, more and more people are getting hurt. Sign our letter below to let them know how you feel. Tell the FDA: Stop hesitating. Reclassify all pelvic mesh as high-risk.
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Legal News

covidien and medtronic logo *New* Mesh Maker Covidien Agrees to Settle 11,000 Claims

Covidien will settle some of the 11,000 pelvic mesh claims it has pending in federal court, Reuters reports citing court documents. There is no word on the amount of settlement dollars being offered and no specificity on the number of outstanding product liability claims that will be included in the settlement. This would be the third
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Medical News

m and m graphic Doctor Directory: Miklos & Moore Talk Transvaginal Mesh

As part of a series, Mesh News Desk interviews doctors who are dealing with mesh complications. This month it is Miklos & Moore and their, International Urogynecology Associates, based in Atlanta, Georgia. A large part of their practice is now dealing with complications from polypropylene transvaginal mesh implants. These are the voices who make
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dollar sign  scott steiner wiki  200 Conflict of Interest on Medical Boards Abounds

                                                    Thanks to Joleen Chambers, a patient advocate a tireless champion of a patient’s right to know.  She writes to Mesh News Desk about important issues you can be involved with
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Media Reports

caldera vertessa *NEW* Caldera Medical Introduces New Pelvic Mesh

Despite 100,000 defective product lawsuits facing makers of  polypropylene pelvic mesh, device maker Caldera Medical has plans to launch a new version of pelvic mesh to be used to treat pelvic organ prolapse. The Vertessa Lite has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration through its 510(k) approval process. Light blue in color,
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Your Turn

Anonymous woman, WikiCommons Restorative Justice Proposal for Transvaginal Mesh Harmed Women

Restorative Justice Proposal for Transvaginal Mesh Harmed Women Proposed by Mesh Harmed Women May 29th 2015 Nonie Wideman Advocate for Mesh Harmed Women PO Box 134, Rose Prairie BC, Canada, V0C2H0 Honorable Joseph R. Goodwin, Judge P.O. Box 2546 Charleston, WV 25329-2546 7009 Robert C. Byrd United States Courthouse 300 Virginia Street E. Charleston, WV 25301
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Mesh Reading Room Resource

TMWF mesh injury bracelet The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the Injured Store

As part of their fundraising efforts, The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the Injured is selling these beautiful Mesh Awareness turquoise and black bracelets to help in its ongoing educational efforts. Quite the conversation starter in turquoise or black… and beautifully made.  A thoughtful gift for anyone and everyone affected by pelvic or hernia mesh!  Yes
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