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Latest Trial – Plaintiffs Awarded $18.5 Million in Boston Scientific Mesh Sling Trial

Boston Scientific has suffered its latest in a series of losses in product liability cases involving its pelvic meshes. Thursday afternoon, a West Virginia jury determined each of the four plaintiff cases, consolidated in this federal court, should receive $1 million in punitive damages in their case against Boston Scientific in additional to compensatory damages
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Obtryx II Jury has Boston Scientific Obtryx Pelvic Mesh Case

At this hour the jury has the case of Tyree v Boston Scientific (2:12-cv-08633) filed in federal court in West Virginia.   Four women have had their cases consolidated in this federal proceeding.  All were implanted with the Obtryx Midurethral sling to treat incontinence. Their trial has entered its third week in federal court in
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Doug Bean in Maine and his friend. Hernia Mesh-Injured Doug Bean: Suffering in Silence and Neglect

The following letter came from Doug Bean, a hernia mesh injured man living in Maine. Please read his story. It is what happens when humans ignore the plight of those suffering and even to the extent of discontinuing their medical coverage, which is unconscionable. Should polypropylene mesh be contraindicated when one is already trying to
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Pinnacle pelvic floor repair kit Jury Awards $26.7 Million to Four Women Injured by Boston Scientific Pelvic Mesh!

A nine-person jury in the defective product trial of a pelvic mesh product made by Boston Scientific this evening decided the four women should receive over $6 million each for the injuries they suffered!  The nine-person jury entered into deliberations 2 pm today (Thursday, November 13) and delivered their verdict about four hours later. Thanks
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Pinnacle Pelvic Floor Repair kit Day 7: Boston Scientific Case with the Jury!

At this writing, the case of four mesh-injured patients who claim the Boston Scientific Pinnacle Pelvic Floor Repair Kit is defective is in the hands of the nine-person jury. The defense wrapped up its case around 2 pm Thursday after two days of testimony to assure jurors the Pinnacle mesh kit was a safe and
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Wilkie Ferguson federal court, Miami Day Five: Doctors who Disagree with Pelvic Mesh as the “Standard of Care”

If the lawyers working for Boston Scientific need to convince a jury that polypropylene pelvic mesh is the “standard of care” that is the accepted norm by most in the medical community, then a series of obstacles were thrown in path of that argument in a Miami federal court Friday November 7th.   The plaintiffs’ case
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lighthouse 100 November Mesh News Desk

Welcome to Mesh Medical Device News Desk, also known as Mesh News Desk (MND). If you are new to the issue of mesh injuries, the search bar at the top right will be your best friend. Please look at the archives including Mesh 101, which is a good way to get started. After many months
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Atrium Hernia Mesh Multi-Plaintiff Hernia Mesh Case Against Atrium Medical Co. Will Proceed in California Court

By Dan C. Bolton and Farid Zakaria Keller, Fishback & Jackson LLP   In June 2014, Keller, Fishback & Jackson LLP filed a multi-plaintiff case in California Superior Court against Atrium Medical Corporation (Atrium) and related corporate entities. The eight plaintiffs underwent hernia repair surgery with polypropylene mesh manufactured by Atrium and later suffered serious
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FDA News

red flag waving FDA – What Are We Waiting For?

FDA-What Are We Waiting For? It’s been months since the FDA said a word about mesh, and years since it’s known stronger action was needed. Meanwhile, more and more people are getting hurt. Sign our letter below to let them know how you feel. Tell the FDA: Stop hesitating. Reclassify all pelvic mesh as high-risk.
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Legal News

judge mallet 200 Christine Scott: Bard $5.5 Million Loss at Trial Survives Appeal

Mesh maker C.R. Bard had challenged the jury award of $5.5 million for plaintiff Christine and Roy Scott in the first pelvic trial in the country in July 2012. Now that jury decision has been upheld.   The appellate opinion was issued by the California Court of Appeal, Fifth Appellate District in a unanimous opinion by a
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Medical News

Dr. Robert Bendavid, Shouldice Clinic, Toronto Hernia Mesh: The Debate and the History

In this excellent article by General Surgery News (here)  the history of hernia mesh as well as the present day debate is laid out despite the fact that it is linked to chronic pain, mesh erosion into adjacent tissues or organs, infection and fistulas, among other problems. General Surgery News reports on the March 2014
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Anonymous woman, WikiCommons Women’s Words Speak Truth About Mesh

Remember the Stories of Anger series from a couple of years ago? Read it here. Women were speaking out and expressing their frustration with the medical system, their anger at the Food and Drug Administration and of course, their disgust with pelvic mesh manufacturers. The following are some of their quotes. I am now looking
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Media Reports

dr v article St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Dr. Veronikis

In a front page story, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports on pelvic mesh removal doctor Dr. Dionysios Veronikis. The headline “Women come from across world to have St. Louis doctor remove their pelvic mesh” by Michele Munz highlights the travels of two women from Australia who had mesh removal surgery with the urogynecologist.  
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Your Turn

leaves Kentucky Mesh Survivor Power- Catch Them Before Nov. Elections

Kentucky Women – Don’t Shut Up, Speak Up!! One Kentucky Mesh Survivor has been very busy as an Influencer with Coordinated Actions. She says, “I believe we all need to stand up and move forward. We can’t ask for help and not be willing to help ourselves. I’m working toward US Senators and next is
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Mesh Reading Room Resource

sunflower In the Beginning: Suffering in Silence

I recently was asked how I started with mesh as a topic for reporting. I’m not mesh-injured myself. The reader wanted to know if I had a family member or friend who had mesh. No, I said, but when working as the National News Editor for InjuryBoard people started calling me. This was back in
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