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Lewis v Ethicon is Over! Judge Grants Ethicon’s Motion to End Trial

Feb 18th, 2014 | By
judge mallet 200

The plaintiff’s side in the first Ethicon trial to be heard in this federal court, had six days before it rested its case. One day later, Judge Joseph Goodwin ended the bellwether trial when he granted Ethicon’s (Johnson & Johnson) Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law. See attached Carolyn Lewis Doc #291. Doc #290 
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The Cisson Transvaginal Mesh Trial Against C.R. Bard – What did we Learn?

Dec 4th, 2013 | By
U.S. District Court, Charleston WV

The Donna Cisson product liability trial against C.R. Bard, a New Jersey- based mesh manufacturer is finally over and the Judgment Order was filed in federal court October 18, 2013 confirming the jury verdict which C.R. Bard tried to amend or reverse. On August 15, 2013 Cisson was awarded $250,000 in compensatory damages and $1,750,000
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Court Schedule for Bellwether Trials Posted in Upcoming Transvaginal Mesh Cases

Oct 14th, 2013 | By

The federal court in Charleston, West Virginia, that has more than 33,000 defective product claims consolidated in something called Multidistrict Litigation (MDL), now has a new section on the website for each MDL bellwether trial. Each of six transvaginal mesh manufacturers will face off with plaintiffs in four jury trials intended to test legal theories
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Hello October

Oct 4th, 2013 | By
Anonymous woman, WikiCommons

Thank you so much for visiting Mesh Medical Device News Desk, shortened to Mesh News Desk (MDN). This effort was created in August 2011 in response to the growing number of women who were experiencing complications with their transvaginal mesh. Since then many people have come forward with similar stories of complications concerning hernia mesh.
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Tolling Agreements – Legal Deadlines Nearing for Mesh-Injured

Sep 15th, 2013 | By
Aaron Leigh Horton

by Aaron Leigh Horton Blog: Twitter:  @themeshwarrior Email: September 12, 2013 – According to, a tolling agreement is an agreement to waive a right to claim that litigation should be dismissed due to the expiration of a statute of limitations. Its purpose is typically to allow a party additional time to assess
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Law Professor Thomas A. Eaton on Tort Reform

Aug 29th, 2013 | By

Earlier this month, the jury in the federal Donna Cisson transvaginal mesh case awarded Mrs. Cisson $1.75 million in punitive damages in addition to the $250,000 in compensatory damages. The Cisson case established the Bard Avaulta mesh she received as a treatment for pelvic organ prolapse was defective. Yet readers learned something startling about any
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BREAKING NEWS! Settlement offered in Queen Transvaginal Mesh Case

Aug 21st, 2013 | By
judge mallet 200

While opening arguments were set to be heard and a jury had been selected comes word that the transvaginal mesh product liability lawsuit filed against manufacturer C.R. Bard has settled. That news was confirmed by sources both inside and outside the courtroom. Here is the story from Monday, day one of jury selection here. The
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Jury Awards $2 Million to Donna Cisson in First Federal Transvaginal Case Against C.R. Bard

Aug 15th, 2013 | By
Scales of Justice, WikiCommons

Breaking News ~ 5: 31 pm The jury just awarded Donna and Dan Cisson $1,750,000 in punitive awards in their product liability lawsuit against C.R. Bard & Co.  The punitive phase was entered into after the compensatory award of $250,000 was announced late this afternoon. That brings the jury award to $2 million. Here is
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A Wish List for Doctors, Lawyers and Patients

Aug 8th, 2013 | By
Prolene Mesh

A woman who prefers to remain anonymous has a list of questions to consider. Doctors are invited to weigh in on the medical questions. Lawyers ditto! 1.  If patients have existing malformations   of abdominal organs is it appropriate to surgically implant a mesh that may   become invasive and cause potentially more damaging problems for them?
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Readers Resource on Upcoming WV Transvaginal Mesh Cases

Jul 15th, 2013 | By
Judges mallet 200

Here is the schedule for the upcoming cases filed in Charleston, WV, 26,769 as of last week. Remember there are four cases naming C.R. Bard that will be heard back to back. These are bellwether cases that could signal a settlement if the product liability cases are successful. As of last week there were 26,769
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