Jeff Silverman: Suffering in Silence Over Hernia Mesh Pain

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Jeff Silverman

Silverman is one of many men who finds himself disregarded. Not only do medical doctors not believe his pain following  a mesh implant to treat a hernia, but the FDA has omitted men from its two warnings about the serious adverse events that can result from the synthetic implant.  He has taken his frustration to Facebook opening a group “Victims of Hernia/Vaginal Mesh Surgery” (here) .

Here’s what he says:

“I have started this group because of an ongoing medical situation in this country that is causing many people a lot of harm, pain, grief, and a deterioration of the quality of our lives and no one seems to care except a handful of doctors. I’m talking about the damage that is being caused by the mesh products that are being used to “repair” hernias for both men and women, as well as the vaginal mesh and “bladder slings” being used on women. These horrible products are taking otherwise healthy people and, for the lack of a better term, screwing up our lives for the long haul.”
“In October of 2009 I had surgery to repair an inguinal hernia on my right side and I’ve been in constant testicular and leg pain ever since with limited mobility. In fact, I’m in more pain now than before the operation and the doctors involved with my case as well as the hospital are taking no responsibility. I have found thousands of online posts by people from all over the country who are going through the same thing, and getting the same attitude from their own doctors.”

Silverman’s Story

Jeff Silverman, 51, lives in Las Vegas and is currently disabled and unemployed. For 15 years he was a blackjack dealer. He believes that the years he spent, slightly leaning over a table to deal cards and take the money, caused his hernia. He had lived with hernia pain for awhile and called it “an annoyance”  but then in June 2009 the pain got worse and so did the hernia. With no insurance benefits through his work, he signed up with the country to receive medical benefits and went to the public hospital, University Medical Center (UMC), to see whichever doctor happened to be on call.

He ended up with an oncologist who performed his hernia surgery on October 12, 2009.
Silverman was told the operation was safe and routine and he’d be up and out in a month or so,
no problem.

“I’ve had surgery four or five times and I heal quickly with no infections so I knew what to
expect. As soon as I opened my eyes I knew there was more post-op pain than I had ever felt. I
knew something was wrong,” he said.

“It felt like a brick was left inside my gut.”

Silverman says he waited in recovery until he opened his eyes and in 20 minutes he was
escorted out of the clinic.

A week and a half after the surgery, Silverman says he was still in a lot of pain and returned to
the surgical center. Another doctor was on the rotation that day. He told the doctor it felt like
the ends of a rubber band when the center is being pulled.

“Nobody got it because none was a hernia specialist,” says Silverman, though he asked to see such a specialist, he says he was denied.

Silverman later found he had received the PerFix Plug by C.R. Bard. Though he was healing on
the outside the pain never went away. “It wasn’t just the pain, it’s knowing the feeling of having a foreign object in the body, in the whole midsection,” he says, “with an intense pain on the right side radiating pain into my groin down the right thigh into the abdomen.

All points of pain are leading toward the incision,” he says.

A return to the UMC and yet another doctor injected lidocaine to see if there was any nerve
damage. The doctor never came back into the room. Instead the nurse came in with a
prescription for nerve medication.

Furious with the lack of specialist care and a general lack of follow through, Silverman wrote
a letter of complaint to the CEO of UMC. In response he received a letter from the public relations department that the doctors overseeing his care were not directly employed by UMC.

Never mind that in 2010, the Las Vegas Sun did a series of investigative reports (here) reports on UMC’s substandard care, including turning away a woman in labor who gave birth to a baby who died soon after being born.

It was now February 2010 and Silverman was sickened, not just with pain, but by the treatment he received. By this time he had seen four doctors in the surgical center and two in the emergency room on two different occasions. There was no follow up by any of them. No news outlet was interested in his story, the hospital did not want to forward his case to a specialist.

The final insult added to his injury – he could not receive narcotics for the pain.

“They refused to admit there is a problem, it’s a huge Catch 22. Everybody was trying to make
me think I’m crazy, Silverman says. “The nurse actually said to me ‘you can’t be in that much
pain’ when she refused to let me see a hernia specialist.”

For its part, Bard says its PerFix Plug has been used in four million procedures and has a chronic pain complication rate of less than 0.5% (here).

Silverman says to MDND, “Something I want to make absolutely clear because it’s something
you brought up several times and has become such a huge issue lately, the subject of narcotic
painkillers would not have been anything to even think twice about 20 years ago or even 5
years ago, but because so many people are abusing them now, the rest of us have to pay the
price. Most doctors have taken the low road and refuse to prescribe and many people, like me
who truly need them are now paying the price for the actions of others.”

Silverman will be 52 next month. He says he can’t go back to dealing cards. He lives with his
mother, who is almost blind and his father, a cancer survivor. A sister lives in Florida.

“The pain is there all the time, it never goes away. It’s there with every step I take every
movement. I can drive but it hurts. I’m not on disability and there is no workers’ compensation. I would take pain pills if I had them but I take over-the-counter stuff for pain, Tylenol and aspirin.”

He researched a medical malpractice lawsuit, but has been advised that the doctors followed a
‘standard of care’, maybe not a good standard, but one nonetheless. The FDA’s notification about the complications associated with surgical mesh, made from the same polypropylene as his Perfix Plug, only identify problems in women treated with mesh, not men.

A year ago March he went online and found hernia specialist and surgeon, Dr. Kevin Petersen,
whose clinic, No Insurance Surgery, is in Las Vegas. Dr. Petersen has a particular interest in non-mesh hernia repair and treatment of hernia mesh complications and although he has removed mesh and plugs in many hernia patients, he says some removals are impossible. Dr. Petersen told Silverman he might be able to get the mesh out but there could be too many complications. In the worst case scenario, he could lose a testicle even if the surgery is performed perfectly.

Silverman says, “The Perfix Plug has been linked to nerve entanglement, and is under scrutiny
because of reports of many post-operative complications including shrinkage, detachment, and its migration to other parts of the body where it can cause damage to other organs and nerves.

“Needless to say I’m scared to death, and I can’t get the doctors involved to take me seriously.”

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70 Comments to “Jeff Silverman: Suffering in Silence Over Hernia Mesh Pain”

  1. Amy G says:

    So tragic, how so many surgeons accepted the prostlytizing of industry reps as “gospel” before accepting the sales rep’s product as “ultimate truths.” Thanks for sharing your story Jeff.

    Surgeons are scientists operating under an educated hypothesis isn’t it their duty to remain skeptical, questioning any device before permanently implanting it in an unsuspecting patient?

  2. Jim Shull says:

    I am very sorry for what you have been going thru. Also I am very sorry to read about your brother in law. I also did an interview with Jane, she does an exceptional job in giving us a voice. If you could contact me, although our cases are slightly different I may have some tips that may help you.

    • Pablo sarmiento says:

      I am experiencing the same issue ,I have severe time at this moment, I need your advice.what can I do to get this pain to go away..

      • Kathy says:

        Look into Dr. Kevin Peterson in Las Vegas. You can find him on You Tube with a video that is quite sickening on mesh.

      • stephen beck says:

        I have been living with the same problem since July 2005…The pain has only gotten worse over the years..and like you I am scared to death about what to do..I can’t stand or sit to long and the swelling gets so bad that doctors actually think I have the hernias still and then they send me for surgery and the surgerons say no that its just swelling of the pain from the mesh ..

  3. John Simpsom says:

    I also had a hernia surgery 2009, and MY Doctor did a great job. However upon going into his office for the follow-up, He stated ” we have to go back in, ( Just above the Umbilical – belly button ), because I had Three hernias and Not one”. Then he said ” The mesh WAS DEFECTIVE “. I had gradual pain After about one year. NOW I HAVE SEVERE PAIN and every piece of food I eat, It makes the rumbling sound like if I had not eaten ANYTHING ALL day . Yes the pain is continual now and has been for about 2 – 3 months AT LEAST. I am a veteran with many other complications with other injuries. However MY last doctors visit at the VA clinic , I was in so much pain,and before they did lab, ( blood & urine samples taken ), my doctor suggested I go to the hospital. She wanted me to go to the emergency room. I had so many personal business situations I HAVE TO be present to tend to I did not go. I got the serial number off of the label of the mesh from my civilian doctor’s office and I called Johnson & Johnson who manufactured the product. They claim to have researched their files and they told me the implant I had used was NOT defected.

    • Duayne says:

      I had umbilical hernia surgery through Kaiser back in 2003; my surgeon looked like somebody from Little Shop of Horrors! He explained to me that the mesh was the “standard” in hernia repair. What did I know? Everything went fine, seemingly. Until two years later, in 2005, when I let out a little cough–out popped my old hernia once more. No longer having insurance at that time, and no money to pay bills (let alone go back into the hospital), I figured it was just one of those things I had to live with after all. I could push the protrusion back into my abdominal area, and go about my business for a while. Over time, it started getting worse; now, I’m in pain constantly, and feel like nothing is digesting properly if at all. When approached a year or so ago by a well known law firm regarding a class action suit against the Kugel mesh patch, Kaiser could not confirm any lot #, part #, or even my O.R. # from my records; just my name and date of surgery. How convenient, I thought. I just heard of Dr. Kevin Peterson, and am awaiting a call from him for an initial consultation. I hope I can get my hernia repaired properly. And soon!

  4. Jane Akre says:

    Current research indicates there is a percentage of patients who have chronic inflammatory response leading to a contraction of the mesh with potential recurrence, chronic pain, erosion injuries, adhesions, migration of the mesh and more.

    Bruce Rosenburg of The National Meshoma Foundation says your situation requires further examination by a mesh complication specialist. There are few in the U.S.

    Please be mindful there is a statute of limitations regarding product liability and medical malpractice.

    Please contact The National Meshoma Foundation for more information at 954-701-5094.

    • Pat Connelly says:

      Whatever happened to Jeff Silverman; did he get the mesh out? Is he doing better?

      • Jeff Silverman says:

        Pat Connelly, I had the Plug removed by Dr. Petersen in November, 2012. I am now in as much pain as I was before the surgery because of the amount of scar tissue that formed. Kevin Petersen is my hero regardless of how I feel because of his expertise, his professionalism, and his honesty. I also got that surgery at no cost to me because of the foundation he started for Nevada residents called “Helping hands surgical care.” He told me up front, that 30% of people who have hernia mesh removal surgery will never experience any favorable results because of the damage that’s already been caused, but he said it could take at least a year for my body to absorb the scar tissue. I am now at seven months and I continue to lose hope, but at least that garbage is out of me. Kevin Petersen is a fighter for our side. He is the most caring and generous doctor I have ever met.

        • Dear Jeff I have been in brutal pain for many years do to mesh. I am thinking of having it removed by DR petersen. I would like to ask you some things. My legs kill me. I can not do things. I have got worse as time goes on. I guess more and more scare tisue forming around my nerves! I am to the point now whereI am almost totally DISABLED.I am close to your age. And this has been the bigest battle of my life!!! I have followed you ever since I saw your story in the R.J.. I have seen DR. Petersen 2 times.And I am about to go and have the mesh removed. But it is scary I am not affraid of many things. But this is one thing that is scary. Because I don’t want to end up worse.I don’t want to do something stupid. Out of desperation. But I want to have my life back!!!!If you email me I will give you my phone # and maybe I could take you to lunch or something. I used to be in the casino bussiness too dice pits. We have alot in common besides meshed up. again Jeff I would love to speak with you. Your meshed up guy Rocky Elkins

        • i am in your situation. i “am still crazy & not making sense” has been added as well as “So YOU say that a clamp came out?” along with i know you have referrels from other specialists saying that, “hernia should be fixed. but uthat was “TOO LONG AGO?” i have been very trusting & patient for too long?” @ my witts end no longer “trying to prove” all this. also heard within the last two yrs, “Oh I Don`t recall saying that if something is wrong, don`t worry, we will fix it” ??? thank you for this info, i will try to find your “wonder” doctor in Las Vegas. Thank you again I also have, “A S.” signed suffering sheri

  5. Pat Connelly says:

    I am very sympathetic of your condition. Since my surgery in July 2011, and constant complaining about it not feeling right and way too tight; with the constant dismissal of you are progressing fine and healing is good. My right testicle never descended and less than a year later this past June I lost it due to atrophy. And the other surgeon i was seeing wants to repair my left side using mesh again. I refused and am seeking another doctor for their help and opinion. One thing for sure I won’t use mesh and trying to get the mesh I do have out…..!!!!! Before any more damage and complications occur. How are you doing now? I pray and wish you the best…

  6. Bob Foster says:

    Hey Jeff my name is Bob Foster and i also had this surgery double hernia and they put two bard mesh for repair i am also in more pain then before the surgery my entire life has been ruined i cant lift anything cant stand in one place for more then a couple of minutes. Is ther anything we can do im desperate for help please contact me back maybe we can work together on this

    • james caldwell says:

      Bob Jamest here I had double Hermia opp in2002 have patch on left and plug in rgt and the doctors are all the same.ignoring me and saying I’m crazy and tried to put me on anti depressants but not taking because I’m not to lawyers in other States to see what’s I can pain since 2009 been on antibiotics for infections.don’t make sense went to surgen that did it and he said I had backing problems. Hes no back doctor how does he know.oh also they put me on prostate mess and prostate is fine been to5 doctors3of 5said I was good with prostate. What else can they come up with next. I guess I will just die. Because I’m tired of fighting with doctors over this. I could care less if I ever see another doctor in my life. Only 48here and cant liftoff standand have major pressure in legs and swollen testicoles.what can we do.

      • Jane Akre says:

        For all there is a Hernia mesh patient advocate by the name of Bruce Rosenberg who may be able to help… he is at 954-701-5094. He will probably ask you if you have all of your records. There are some hernia mesh removal docs working around the country, so don’t give up. ja

      • TOMMIE ARMSTRONG says:

        Hi James

        My name is Lisa, and my husband had the mesh surgery and if you ever need to talk with someone feel free to call. 870-329-3204

  7. Fred says:

    I am two weeks post surgery for hernia treated with mesh. Initial pain in gonads and side treated with narcotic pain meds. Weaned off pain meds after 1 week. Still some pain if I move wrong. Able to walk treadmill now without pain until later in day indicating may have over done exercise. I am also diabetic and outside slice is still healing from my observation but no bleeding or infection apparent. My follow up examination by the surgeon was satisfactory in his opinion and he advised one more week of laying low and then could resume normal activity. He also told me there were no reported instances of mesh failure in the type he used. I only know what he said that there was an under layer stiched to an upper layer to reinforce the rupture. These testimonials on this site are very unnerving to say the least and i can certainly symphathize with the patients and their inablilty to get straight answers and action from their medical care facilities. I am thinking if this happens to me I will go to a lawyer and let him speak for me.

  8. jackie says:

    i no how you all feel i had a umbilical hernia repair with the mesh 2008. im in pain 24/7 cant stand very long or set.cant lift or bend over for all of the pain cant breather eighter.have not been back cents april of this year . and i dont think i will ever be able to …my life that i once had is gone god help us all……

  9. jackie says:

    im sorry i cant seem to spell right.. i ment i have not been back to work…

  10. jenni says:

    I had umbilical hernia repair with mesh two months ago…I then caught a cold with terrible coughing fits.
    I have either torn the mesh free, or am having some reaction.
    Localized and radiating pain near site, and where it was tacked into the muscle. The pain is worse than before!
    I have an order for a cat-scan. I can only hope they dont have to go back in, that would make surgery #5 in the last year for me!

    • carla baker says:

      I stumbled on this site and all the comments have been eyeopening for me. I had an unblical hernia repair in jan 2013. When the dr went in I had 2 hernias.I was told I would have discomfort for 2 weeks.I was off work 4 weeks and felt fine as to be expected with nerve pings but would dimish over time…which they the whole process of stomach area is swelling and muscles feel tight with sharp and constant pains.I do have an appt to go to the dr next week. My dr is definitely not recommended for his calming bedside manner.. thanks to everyone for the comments.

  11. Ray Hicks says:

    Jeff, I’ve had the same surgery twice 3 months apart. I’m in so much pain I can’t sleep at night. I still work but its a struggle . No one will listen . I’ve seen about 12 Drs. now. drink beer and pop pills is the only way I can get thought each day.

    • jenni bach says:

      I am self medicating in the same way, not fun!
      I feel your pain!
      3 surgeries in the last year! This mesh isnt agreeing with me AT ALL!

      • tracey eason says:

        I am really at a loss,Its been 4 years since my surgery,and everyday is a struggle,i always feel full,dont want to eat,let alone drink,but I do,(water)I always feel weak,nausea,fever,bloating,cramps,It is really disrupting my everyday life,I have seen way too many doctors,and im tired of going to the emergency room,We all know our body,and ever since my last surgery 2009,I live with pain&bloating everyday,people think im pregnant,which no im not,I just want this night mare to end so I can enjoy the rest of my life,I have two children at home with me 10yr’s old,and they see im in pain,cant function half the time,so tired all the time,I have had so many xrays,cat scans,blood work,urine,And they come back with the same answer,everything is fine,Oh my god really??Mean while my stomach is huge,I just don’t know what to do.

  12. Hope Pagano says:

    Have any of you been diagnosed with any auto-immune diseases after having the Mesh implant. I was healthy and now have Lupus. Lupus does not run in my family and I never had any symptoms prior to having the mesh implant surgery. I got sick two to three weeks after the surgery and was diagnosed with full blown lupus within one year of the impant surgery. It seems no one will consider the mesh or any of it’s elements as a source of my illness, which I understand to be incurrable. i got the mwsh out and eagerly await my remission.
    Hope you got your mesh out Jeff. Myself I would have gladly urinated into a bag for the rest of my life if it meant I would feel better, and from everything I have read things only seem to go down hill the longer people with issues leave this stuff in. If you are sick or in pain get the mesh out as soon as humanly possible as I am positive if I hadn’t I be dead by now.

    • jenni bach says:

      Hi Hope, sorry to hear that!
      I do have swelling in and or around both of my sides, possibly the pancreas and liver?
      I did have hep-c and was cleared thru treatment 4 years ago, this surgery, and or the mesh itself has created new swelling in both sides, and Ill have to go for a cat-scan to see whats going on
      What happens after the mesh removal? What holds the intestines in? I dont think I can get it out, and living in this pain doesnt seem like the quality of life I want either! Im stuck between a rock and a hard place!
      I was told to wait for the class-action lawsuit involving the type of mesh Ive got, then hop on the bandwagon…. YAY!
      I hope we’ll feel better someday!
      NOR-CAL Jenni

    • AnySuggestion says:

      Hope, I have been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, MS. I had a hernia mesh implant surgery in 1995. About 6 months ago, the left side of my face went completely numb. I have also had urinary problems for a while….prostate cancer runs in the family, I figured I had an enlarged prostate and never had it looked at, I know, Not smart on my part at all. About 2 months ago, out of nowhere, I started feeling pressure in the hernia area, now it has gotten painful. The MS medications made me absolutely miserable, and out of the numerous symptoms of MS, I only have the 2 I mentioned. After reading the horror stories on here, I now wonder if the mesh has caused my problems? I am seeing a Dr. tomorrow, hopefully I can get some answers…..I will let you know what I find out…..I have read other posts from people who have Lupus, believed to be caused by the mesh……I will ask my Dr. if he knows anything about mesh causing auto-immune diseases….I’ll let you know what I find out

    • Stephanie says:

      Personally, I agree that surgery is a traumatic stresser to the body that triggers chronic illnesses for which we are genetically disposed.

  13. Robert says:


    Did you ever seek out an attorney?

    Is anyone aware of a law firm that handles Male Mesh Sling implants for incontenence?

    Hang in there Jeff.

  14. Jim says:


  15. Jon S says:

    I have the same exact story. Same plug. Same pain. Why won’t they recall it?!?!

  16. Jon S says:

    I think Bard and FDA are lying about the instance of complications.

  17. jennibach says:

    This man has loads of info., and is trying to get a class-action started,( I believe).
    He also has been injured by mesh.
    Hes head of The National Meshoma Foundation….
    E-Mail him at,

    Please folks, lets get this stuff of the market, and make them pay for our pain and suffering!

  18. JoAnn Shelton says:

    Hi, my name is JoAnn and my husband went in for hernia repair in 2008, he had 3 which they didn’t know till they went in for the surgery, they only seen 2. He was okay for a little while and he is so skinny you could see the screws poking through his stomach, felt weird, looked weird but you actually couldn’t see the metal of them just the bulge of where they were at. He began hurting really badly in 2010 and we noticed the screw that stuck out the most was missing, so we went to the ER, well they said there wasn’t nothing wrong with it he was fine, and then sent us home, and we went home, and then we went to another ER they did more X Rays, and MRI’s and a CT scan, well needless to say the mesh came loose, wrapped around his intestines, caused a blockage and was going into his scrotum. So they had to go in and do surgery again, he still has lots of pain was in the hospital for about 15 days and still has problems, he is 37 and now he has no sex drive, doesn’t even really get a erection, and still hurts in the area he had his hernia’s removed, and the crazy part is when they were in there the last time they took his appendix out (just cause they were in there, there was nothing wrong with it the Dr. said but it would save from problems ever with it.) The Dr. said there was another hernia but it was to small to mess with and we can’t find a lawyer that does anything with the Male Mesh Implants. Does anyone know of one?? Thanks JoAnn my email is

  19. George E says:

    I had an inguinal bilateral hernia surgery with mesh, and I have had pain ever since, my pain consist of like sore ness to sharp pain, when I lay down pains goes away, once I stand up for a short while pain starts. I was looking to get them removed. Has any one seen Dr. Petersen in Las Vegas? Email me to talk

  20. sandra says:

    Hi…I’m about to have surgery,this third the 11 of April ’13…it’s a bariatric surgeon who knows my first hernia surgery was stitched shut because of appendices.I’m still in EXTREME pain at the site 5 mos.later.been on pretty heavy narcotics but it’s not touching it( morphine n percs )neither which even touch the pain now.they think it’s scar tissue n r planning on doing exploratory n me w mesh to reinforce the stitched original hernia surgery.ready all from u guys I’m scared.I also have blown discs in my back degenerative disc n scoliosis.I’m 33 have 2. Little girls..I can’t get worse.if there’s any advise or suggestions pls let me know..

  21. Georgio says:

    I had bi-lateral hernia mesh repair a couple years ago. Before surgery no visable sign of hernia, but felt like a dagger was stuck into my pelvis. Was recently fit and swam 1 mile 5x week. Got where I couldn’t walk pain from dagger. Feels like they lined my entire abdomen & pelvis from just below my belly button to down my legs with mesh. I can really feel it in there but it’s tollerabe compared to dagger pain. Recovery was at least nine months on the couch with pain pills. Temporarily improved for a couple months after 3 months constant bed rest. Dagger sticking in pelvis remains today. Very upsetting that can’t get an erection after proceedure….not even significant morning erections.
    At least now I can walk, but only in and out of the grocery store, and unable to swim. No hiking or walking for exercise. Every day is a struggle and painfull at any task….it hurts to put socks on.
    I don’t have any hope or plans to try hernia repair again as it could be worse. Thinking about a penis implant so I could at least have sex maybe again one day?

  22. Jason says:

    I can certainly relate to Jeff. I had an inguinal hernia surgery in Oct 2009 with the Ethicon Prolene mesh instead. I have had constant pain ever since and suffered emotional breakdowns and lost my job. I have sought help with the Mayo Clinic here in Arizona and they have given me a nerve block once with little success. I am going to try it again as they advised it can take several treatments to see if relief can happen. But I too have had a feeling of something like a brick or large foreign object inside of me everyday. I have a variety of pain in the surgical area as well as referred pain into my testicles that is the equivalent of being kicked in the groin many times every week. I am determined to fight this and add my name to the growing list of surgical mesh patients with complications. I was not given a choice in surgery types and was not aware of the mesh problems being reported already at that time. I assumed my doctor had my best interest at heart, however, I now realized that had I options. And no matter what, people need to be aware of potential complications before having mesh surgery. My doctor said it was ” virtually 100% fail safe” when I inquired about how the success rate of the mesh procedure. Now I know better…

  23. Chadley McVeigh says:

    Mr. Silverman: Until I read this article… I thought I was alone among men with surgical mesh pain syndrome and related complications. I have two, one in each hip. I have developed an umbilical hernia. I have fibromyalgia and evidence by way of MRI of bilateral cerebral lesions. Gastrointestinal complications and sexual pain and dysfunction. My research began 5 days ago. I have already learned that a surgeon is willing to remove them; that it is necessary. I have learned some very rudimentary chemistry during my sleeplessness; specifically concerning the process of chemical migration. Chemical Migration of Polypropylene, in my opinion is a significant factor to overall poor health for those who suffer PPE medical device complications. In combination of scarring and the stiffening of mesh implants, this property of chemical migration of foreign objects in the human body is a key factor in removing them from the market. I have also learned that research in hindered because the research labs are using polypropylene containers during the investigation into PPE safety in medical devices. The fact that researchers discard their work as inclusive due the the chemical migration of the containers and other laboratory tools and equipment coming in contact with PPE medical device samples for contamination should be a huge RED FLAG. This is what I have learned and developed as opinion in just a short week of study. The information is buried deep, but is available. I want to learn everything and do everything I can. This is not only a travesty of individual lives, but a shame to the medical profession as well… Greed at its most immoral. May God Bless Mesh Victims and their loved ones. Interested advocates please email me at

  24. jane C says:

    I had an abdominal mesh put in because of double hernia. Had this surgery Sept. 2011. ! Started having sharp pains on the right hand side of my lower abdomen goinf down my pelvic area.
    Who can I speak to abour this?
    jane C. Orange County. CA

  25. I had a failed PerFix Plug that wrapped around my sperm cord and caused the strangulation of the blood flow to my right testicle. My testical had to be removed via emergency surgery. I did contact Davol and they asked to review my medical records for compensation. My medical records confirmed that it was a failed plug by Davol Bard. I had the product number and serial number to prove this was the failed plug in my body and Davol Bard still did not agree to compensate me. I have some suggestions on how to make a cause/form a group for all men damaged by the mesh. The attorney’s seem to be interested in only the female cases. Men who have been damaged deserve compensation for product failure. Davol needs to pay for this bad product.
    We should all work together to let Davol Bard know this is a serious cause for men and we intend to work as a group with one strong voice.
    Please contact me.

    • Mile Meghreblian says:

      Frank, are you familiar national association injured disabled workers NAIDW. 847-629-5148 or 888-788-6243 ask for john. Tell him I refered you. Thanks.

  26. Dennis says:

    My story is just a little different. I had open umbilical hernia surgery in July of 2013. When i woke up in the recovery room the Dr was standing there and he asked about my pain level. When I told him how badly I hurt he upped my medication to dilaudid instead of the percocet. He also told me that they had done an open repair verses the laproscopic that i was supposed to have. 11 days later I was put into the hospital for pain and diarrhea. He stood at my bed and said that he had caused this but he didn’t say what it was he caused. They tested me for food poisoning, C-Diff and a host of other things and everything came back negative.
    Yesterday was my fourth trip to the ER. I’ve been hospitalized twice and no one knows what’s wrong. I have felt the mesh pull a couple of times but my pain is lower. It seems to be nerve pain of some sort.
    I have signed up with a pain clinic here in Phoenix and I am hoping for some sort of relief.
    I have a pretty good job in construction management, play golf on a regular basis, travel with my wife and spend a lot of time with my grandkids. Life has been good……..not so much now. I live on pain meds, spend most of my time either in bed or in my chair and I have only worked two weeks since July.
    I feel like my life as I knew it is over.

    • Jane Akre says:

      Dennis- that is not a quality life. Please contact Bruce Rosenberg at He has formed the Meshoma Foundation and has a wealth of information that may be helpful to help you regain your health. I’m sorry. all you did was trust your doctor. What does he say now?

  27. Mile Meghreblian says:

    Thank you Jeff Silverman.

  28. FRANK POLLARD says:

    Hello: I have had 4 groin hernia surgeries. The last one was in February, 2010. I have suffered from severe and chronic pain since the very first surgery in 2006. I have had the left and right repaired twice due to recurrent hernias on both sides. The last mesh implant was the worse. It took me 3 1/2 years to get my Social Security Disability. I have been on pain meds since 2007. I just go into pain management in September 2011. My Florida doctor knew exactly what was causing the pain and I have had many different treatments, including steroid injections into the nerves and heated electric radio waves to burn the outer nerve to control the pain. I have swollen testicles, lose stools, swollen lower abdomen, painful intercourse, and the list goes on. I cannot walk properly without pain. I cannot lift anything heavy and prefer to lay down to control the pain as well as limited sitting in a chair. Contact Dr. Kevin Petersen of Las Vegas, Nevada. His web site is There is a link to a Special News Report on mesh and samples of mesh removed as well as testimony regarding the agonizing pain one suffers. Also, there is testimony that doctors acknowledge a 20% failure rate and severe complications related to mesh. I just contacted a Florida Attorney who is filing suit as a defective medical device. There is only a Krugal mesh law suit that is advertised the most. The last mesh was Prolene. Also, men are neglected in this society, but if you had a transvaginal mesh implanted, no problem, but I don’t have a vagina. There is also discussion of the FDA Warnings about mesh, but it is not specific to male hernia mesh. Dr. Petersen has removed mesh. He also does not use mesh in hernia surgeries. He has done over 5000 surgeries. He is completely against the use of mesh.

  29. keith kellum says:

    hey jeff my name is keith i know what your going through i’m going through it now and have been since 2010 i have had so many infection’s and operation’s because of the surgery i have seen 4 different doctor’s all but 2 said that the mesh has to be what’s causing all my pain swelling infection’s burning i can’t even have sex with my wife i will fight this tooth and nail i payed to be fixed not to be screwed up for the rest of my life .if you know something that might help me out let me know and i will do the same just drop me a email thank’s and good luck.

  30. Angie Johnson says:

    My son had hernia surgery in May of this year and has been in pain every since. He is a singer, songwriter, and player of many instruments and it broke my heart to hear him say that he might have to give it all up and go on disability and live out his life medicating himself with whatever pain killers he could find on the street as they would not prescribe him anything for the pain. His surgeon stated his pain was not related to his surgery in any way. I became angry and set out to find an answer for him as he is only 28 years old and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let anyone turn my son into a drug addict for lack of their morals!!! By the grace of God I found this site on the web. God bless you Jeff for speaking out. God is going to get him to Las Vegas before this week is out! What these sorcerers are doing is wrong! Thank God for men like Dr. Peterson!! My prayers are with you all.

    • Jane Akre says:

      Angie- Best of luck to you and your son for finding Dr. Petersen… Please let us know how he does. I’m sorry for the treatment you received and the denial you received from the surgeon. Please let us know how he does… many hernia folks are also suffering and looking for any remedy… stay in touch on that and thank you~ Jane a.

  31. I’m so sorry to get off topic, but I’m starting my first blog and was curious what platform this one is.

  32. michele says:

    hello,i believe we spoke back when you n i and may be 2 others first had our surgeries and were havng serious problems,fast forward and i am stii having sreous issues,please e mail me ,more 2 come99 , any one ,with any info,has anyone else gotten an auto immune desiese, tumors ,cancer,it seems that that is the progressaion in cases like ours! im so desprite ,

  33. Angie Johnson says:

    Jane, My son’s name is Tyler and he has not gotten the surgery yet as we are unable to secure all the money it is going to take for him to have the surgery. Do you know of any place we might be able to turn to for help? We are able to come up with half of the money it is going to take for him to be operated on and I am still saving every penny I can but it is going to take quite some time at this rate. He now uses a cane to help him get up and down out of chairs and such. Any advice you might be able to give me would be greatly appreciated. At this point I am just beside myself as to what to do to help my son. Thank you.

  34. johnathon white says:

    My name is johnathon. I am a 38yr old male. I had bilateral hernia surgery in 2006. Mesh was implanted. I suffer from severe pain starting from my left testicle and radiating down the inside of my left leg. It is a horrible nonstop pain that I can’t get anyone to understand. I have experienced a noticeable loss of sensation/numbing of an area around the scrotum and inner leg. I am experiencing a noticeable loss of quality of life even to this day. I have sought treatment for thus pain, which began about a year after the surgery. I have been told it was everything from nerve damage from mesh implant, testicular nerve damage, and more recently I was told it was all in my head and I must be a narcotic pill seeker became i can’t still be hurting from this after all these years

  35. johnathon white says:

    My name is johnathon. I am a 38 yr old male. I had bilateral hernia surgery in 2006. Mesh was implanted. I suffer from severe pain starting from my left testicle and radiating down the inside of my left leg. It is a horrible nonstop pain that I can’t get anyone to understand. I have experienced a noticeable loss of sensation/numbing of an growing area around the scrotum and inner leg. I am experiencing a noticeable loss of quality of life even to this day. I have sought treatment for this pain, which beigan several months after the surgery. I have been told it was everything from nerve damage from mesh implant, testicular nerve damage, and more recently that the mesh has caused some type of testicular cord tanglement. I have seen more doctors than I can count since 2007 and am slowly losing hope. Even the doctors that want to help have explained to me that the mesh I was implanted with causes scarring and nerve damage and there are now new risks, aside from the costs.
    Everyone on tv talks about women and vaginal mesh…. can someone please help me out with- what i feel- is defective mesh used in male hernia surgery…? I have been dealing with this pain for almost 7yrs now and had almost lost hope til i came across these posts. Thanks. Johnathon

  36. I am the wife of Billy joe,and he is the one who had the surgery and has had the same things happen to him.The lawyers who say they can get you thounds in settlements told me it was only for women.Drs. dont believe you could be in that much pain or have that many problems with him only being 34.He had his surgurery in claiborne which also was not A specialist.He was only30 when he had his surgery and most of the time he says he would be better off dead,which really depresses me,because I cant do anything to help him,and he dont even want to go to A DR. because he says they treat him like he is crazy.It was nice to see somone doing something about it,maybe the more who come out they will start to notice. Thank You, Billy joe and Misty McIntosh

  37. SteveH says:

    Approx 9 years ago I went to my urologist and he told me I had a hernia. I told him I never even realized it. I had lived most of my life without medical insurance thus got very used to ignoring pain. I went to the surgical group he suggested, was examined, and set a date to have it repaired. I was told it was a simple in and out surgery and problems would be minimal. After the surgery was completed I felt a massive burning sensation from my scrotum down to my knee on the right side. I was told this type of pain was common and should go away after healing. As it turns out I didn’t have a simple hernia I had 5 of them and 3 were very large. The Dr. couldn’t even look me in the eye when he said he was surprised that I was up and walking. He said there was literally nothing that he could sew the mesh to as it was all torn up in there.
    As the years went by the original pain either diminished somewhat or I got used to it. It is however still always there in the background. Additionally, I have many other areas of pain and they are progressively getting worse. I can feel it in both hips, not necessarily at the same time, as well as in my buttocks, the fronts of my legs, the inner thighs, and worst of all my testicles. I do not have abdomen pain which my current Dr is fixated on that I should have. I do however feel a very prickly sensation down there on occasion and almost daily it gets hot and sweaty. I am now 57 and just came off of 3 months sick leave. Rest and staying off my feet was a big help but not a cure. While out I talked with a highly recommended surgeon who said he would not operate as it would cause far more problems than leaving it, as nerves and tissue have grown through the mesh. He said that If it was removed something else would have to be put in it’s place because of the severity. This pain is similar to a bad toothache that is always there in one degree of pain or another.
    I did go see Dr Peterson and although impressive he wasn’t all that encouraged about taking it out. He said they could try taking out one side and see if that helps, but it would be expensive. I went back to work last week and worked 2 days. I am now dying from the pain and dreading going back on Monday. I am currently at my wits end and don’t know what to do.

    • Jane Akre says:

      Steve are you familiar with Bruce Rosenberg? He is hernia mesh injured. His profile is on page one… or 954-701-5094… sometimes hard to get a hold of but he might have some suggestions for you on a path to better health. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Kevin Peterson is considered a good doctor with hernia mesh removals from what I understand. He is in Las Vegas for those of you who are wondering…..~ ja

  38. Victoria says:

    I have read your article and know your many concerns. However, because of the length of time that has passed you would have too get a hernia specialist who has toured the Countries of the World to operate on your removal of plug/mesh propylene products. Only a sonogram and an ex ray will determine how much of the other organs were entangled and excised before and after this next surgery. I recommend the two physicians in the Ohio area hernia ops are inexpensive because of the affordable act insurance now and going to in & out surgery clinics are not acceptable for an evasive surgery. It’s too late for State medical until your 65 yrs of age. But I recommend a few try Dr. Grischkan, in Ohio and Homero Rivas in Stanford California. Do not go to a colon surgeon or a general practitioner. This type of allergy to mesh and plastics is not uncommon and you could lose more of your lower abdominal extremities as well. Ask to have your procedure video taped this is not uncommon so you can make a copy for the medical review of the previous surgeons skills and possibly have him removed from performing this type of surgery at all.

  39. My husband had surgery at a northern California Kaiser for inguinal hernia in 2002 and a mesh implant was the recommended treatment. Starting within the first weeks after surgery Mark showed signs of infection and eventually formed fistulas.He was off work for a year, in constand pain and eventually Kaiser decided it might be good to remove mesh. When they performed that surgery they removed the vas and never bothered to inform us that we were done having children. I have contacted lawyers who deal with women’s mesh issues but.
    they were representing men….Is there an attorney handling injuries to men from mesh? Life hasn’t been the same and it isn’t right.

    • Jane Akre says:

      Christy- I believe the advertise I have this month on page one is doing that. You might check… Certainly there needs to be more action in this regard.

  40. Naropa Sabine says:

    Here I am recovering from my inguinal surgery. A surgery in which mesh was implanted. According to my doctor this was the most effective, safe, etc etc. I didnt do research. I am 41 and am in good health and am now deeply concerned about the long term prospects for the mesh. I am curious to know if one does elect to remove the mesh if it is better to do it in the short term after the surgery to prevent it from actually bonding with the muscle and nerves. I am incredibly concerned about this situation and horrified that i was not informed of the growing body of evidence of ill-effects. Ant info would be much appreciated. I am currently acquiring my medical records.

    • Jane Akre says:

      Naropa- Let’s put this in perspective. Some folks do not have problems… they may feel the mesh from time to time in a hernia repair, but may not be reactive…. the truth is no one understands why some react and some do not….true informed consent would have offered you options to polypropylene mesh …such as old fashioned suture repair. Yes also used with polyp sutures but far less of the plastic. dr kevin Peterson in las vegas might be a contact for a secondopinion. also bruce Rosenberg, hernia injured, is very measured about the issue 954-7015094. he is a researcher and founder of the meshoma foundation….he will give you an honest appraisal. Best not to panic in my opinion.

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